Below you'll find pictures of our trip down to Austin, TX.  We played some shows at SXSW and had a killer time.  I had so many weird reservations about SXSW.  I think mostly I was worried about my own hopes and expectations getting the better of me.  And I was worried about parking.  HA!  But gosh it was fun.  We met so many amazing folks and were basically high-fiving a million angels the whole time.  -Peter

New Website + STORE-WIDE SALE!!!

Hello all!

We Are The Willows here.  We are launching this new website like a rocket into internet-outer-space!  The rocket is also full of all of our merch, and in case we run into hostile extraterrestrials that we don't want to upset, all of the merch is 25% off!

So, please browse the new site and don't forget to stop by the STORE and take advantage of our intergalactic-peace sale that goes until July 15th, 2014.

We love you with the fervor of a thousand burning suns.  Make it so.